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Ahn’s Taekwondo Little Tiger Program


Ahn’s specialized Little Tiger Program is professionally designed for children ages 3½ to 6 years old. The program teaches children important life lessons in a fun, exciting and enriching environment. While they are learning the basics of kicking, tumbling and the basic Taekwondo postures, Ahn’s Little Tigers are also learning the importance of good behavior and manners, teamwork and respect.

These 30-minute classes focus on improving:

  • Coordination
  • Balance
  • Physical development
  • Self-discipline
  • Concentration
  • Self-confidence
  • Learning to respect others
  • Cooperation
  • Listening skills
  • Memory

A minimum of two classes per week is recommended.

Students are motivated by learning special skill stripes which are awarded by the Masters at the end of the class. These stripes reward achievement and are motivating to the students. They can add up to rewards including special badges. The students see the benefits of doing their best.

Each Little Tiger advances at his/her own pace and earns his/her colored belts through the Rank Promotion Tests.

Class sizes are limited. Call now to reserve your space!