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Legendary Ahn's Taekwondo Training From Your Own Home

Keep Your Body and Mind Healthy

To battle anything that comes our way, we need plenty of exercise to stay healthy and keep our immune system up. Whether you are stuck at home or you don’t have the time to get to class, virtual Taekwondo classes can be the answer to keeping you and your kids healthy, happy and moving.

Taekwondo can help give guidance to your exercise routine by providing structure. Being active can be beneficial to all, but especially for kids, it keeps them occupied and out of trouble. For adults, it can mean losing weight and staying fit. Our online taekwondo curriculum can provide a guided workout that you and/or your kids can participate from the comfort of your own home.

The Benefits of Online Taekwondo Lessons

Great Exercise
Keep your kids and the whole family healthy and happy
Education at your speed
Learn and practice Taekwondo skills at your own time as often as you’d like
Improved Focus
Training promotes good mental health
Learn Balance
Gives structure to help promote normalcy
Defense Skills
Gain the skills to know how to defend yourself
Self Control
Learn the importance of Discipline and other principles of Taekwondo

Add structure back to your routine

Structure is a necessity for growth, but children can’t do it alone all the time, and by joining our online classes, the children will have something to do without the help of an adult at least for a little while. You can rest assured that they are preoccupied following along with our moves and instructions, giving them a scheduled activity with structure. It can be a great supplement to home schooling.

Kids and adults alike have to manage anxiety in stressful times. There’s evidence that regular exercise is an essential component of good mental health. Taekwondo can help with feeling less stress, anxiety, and be equipped to focus on the mind-body connection.

Learn ways to defend yourself

At times like these, self-defense is a top priority for many people. Just even knowing the basics can give you a good start in keeping you and your family safe. Basic Taekwondo moves are a foundation and can be the building blocks to self-defense. With correct practice, you can learn moves to be able to defend yourself.

Everyone needs goals, whether it be for school, at home, or at work. Setting and achieving goals are an important part of Taekwondo training. It is a confidence builder and with each achievement, there will be a sense of accomplishment which will give motivation to set new challenges. Whether it be online or on site, our classes will help motivate and instill discipline to reach for their goals. With our online programs, you will learn techniques, skills and values of Takewondo and as you practice, train, and test, you will develop in confidence, discipline, character, focus and respect.

FYI, we participate in Kukkiwon, world taekwondo headquarters in South Korea, recognized worldwide. Kukkiwon certification is guaranteed at Ahn’s Taekwondo with your application.

Private One on One Online Lesson

If you are a new student interested in virtual Taekwondo training, please sign up for our free Private One on One Online Lesson! This private lesson gives our instructors an opportunity to meet the student before assigning them to a particular class.