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Geared towards younger children, our program will help them learn many different skills that are needed throughout their life while staying fit. They will learn discipline, focus, respect, self-control, and confidence while having fun and improving their flexibility, coordination, balance and improving listening skills.



Our exciting martial arts program for kids can develop your child’s focus, self-esteem, self-confidence, and overall a sense of purpose in a way NO OTHER sport, hobby, “activity,” or program can.

HUNDREDS of parents and families in the Montgomery Township area are singing the praises of our children’s Taekwondo program, and telling other parents about it every day, because they’ve seen it for themselves.


Our unique martial arts program for adults is the best way in the Montgomery Township area to lose weight and get in shape because every movement has a purpose and in a self-defense stand point that might one day save your life!

Taekwondo students from 18 to 80 are telling us how they benefit from our trainings. They are using their improved concentration, self-discipline, and self-confidence every day at home, school, work, and in social situations.


In our innovative martial arts program for Families, everyone participates: children, parents, and grandparents can attend classes and progress at their own pace. In our action-packed Taekwondo family classes, no one sits on the bench! Children practice with other children, and adults practice with other adults. Martial arts classes are one of the only family programs where children and parents get the same kind of healthy exercise at the same time.


Looking to plan an unforgettable birthday party!? Then, a martial arts birthday party is perfect for you!! Ahn’s Taekwondo Academy in the Montgomery Township area (Skillman, Belle, Mead, Rocky Hill, Hopewell, Princeton, Hillsborough, Kingston, Kendall Park) will give your child the most memorable and exciting birthday he/she can imagine.



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If you’re looking for information about the best Taekwondo programs in Montgomery Township and its surrounding areas (the Skillman, Belle Mead, Rocky Hill, Hopewell, Princeton, Hillsborough, Kingston, Kendall Park), you’ve come to the right place.

Ahn’s Taekwondo Academy will empower you with the self-improvement programs you’ve been searching for!

1325 US Route 206 Skillman, NJ 08558

Ahn's Taekwondo Academy

1325 US Route 206 Skillman, NJ 08558

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