Ahn's Taekwondo Academy Special Teams

Ahn's Taekwondo Academy Ahn's Taekwondo Academy Special Teams

Demo Team

Our Demo Team is a performance team that showcases Taekwondo choreographed to music at various events in our community and beyond. The exciting performances show off their Taekwondo skills intertwined with dance steps, some acrobatics, and board breaking moves, entertaining in ways you would never imagine without seeing it for yourselves. The team demands a mental toughness from each of its members for their dedication and commitment that will be required for a smooth and synchronized performance. The objective of the Demo Team is for its members to grow as a team and express the love for Taekwondo to its audiences. The Demo Team experience develops high-quality technical and showmanship skills and cultivates teamwork and leadership skills needed in everyday life.

Ahn's Taekwondo Academy Ahn's Taekwondo Academy Special Teams

Instructor Team

Only for the specially selected students with leadership, strong mind, and natural ability, Ahn’s Instructor Team is a leadership-based intensive program. Students are only allowed into our elite instructor program if they have been recommended and admitted by our masters. Each lesson is of high quality and challenging, allowing the advanced students to improve and enhance their skills with a focus on leadership. The goal is to become an instructor, someone who can be called upon as an aid to the Masters within our school. The program is designed to train skilled, well-rounded Taekwondo instructors. It focuses on fostering self-discipline, teamwork, patience, and communication skills and combining them with their knowledge of Taekwondo to mold students into well-qualified teachers. The Youth Instructor Team is specifically designed to help teenagers develop responsibility and independence. When qualified, members of the Instructor Team will be ready to assist our Masters with teaching of certain classes and tests. By teaching and instructing others, the members of our Instructor Team will continue to learn even more in depth what Taekwondo is all about.

Ahn's Taekwondo Academy Ahn's Taekwondo Academy Special Teams

Tournament Team

The purpose of our Tournament Team is to encourage our members with high skills and competitive martial arts spirit to participate in tournaments to build up their permanent Taekwondo records. This team is only for the dedicated and hard-working whose outstanding abilities and determination are recognized by our Masters. It is a fantastic opportunity for students who are serious about Taekwondo to greatly improve their skills with like-minded peers in a familiar setting. It will promote a competitive environment to give students the skills and mindset to successfully compete in tournaments. With extra training and commitment, our Tournament Team will challenge to motivate each member to strive for excellence and build confidence with each competition.